Raphael Nemeth
#81 For  Nordic Hockey Academy 



Tough season ending:

It´s always hard to end a season like this but the year 2020 brought the whole world a big surprise and the whole sports world stod still. World health is more important to all of us and that is why all kind of sports had to take a break unfortunately for our historcal season. For the first time in Skien and for the Nordic Hockey Academy has the first ever U21 qualiefied in the playoffs with a good 6th position. I‘m convinced with this years group of awsome people we would have made it far, but unfortunately all good things have to end sometimes and with this end the guys are fired up for the next season. As well as I am excited for new people to come and new experience to gain in the next season.

U19 Four Nations-Cup: 

This year i got nominated to play for Team Austria in this years Four Nations-Cup in Gjövik which was an incredible experience and helped me grow as a player. We played three tough games which ended unfortunately all in loses. Personally i had one point in all those three games and solid game performances. 

Ecel Tournament: 

This year in january we got invited as the first ever euro pean team to compete in the ECEL Winter Classic. The teams we met weren‘t expecting from us to compete with them as much as other teams would but we were the biggest surprise and could compete very well against good AAA tier 1 teams and even could win one or two games. Which made the tournament participants interested in us. All in all we left a very positive mark and we will look forward what this connection brings in the future.