Raphael Nemeth
#81 For  Nordic Hockey Academy 

About me

Hi! My name is Raphael Nemeth and I`m 18 years old. I have grown up in Vienna, Austria and always have been an sports interested kid. Thanks to my familiy I visited a hockey game when I was 4 and immediately fell in love. So I started playing in my hometown, but as I grew older I didn´t want to play for their A-Team. I wanted something different were I can continue my studies and play hockey on top level as well as beeing surrounded by a welcoming and positive atmosphere. With 16 I came across a program which presented exactly what i was thinking and I didn´t hesitate to contact my current Gm and Coach. As time passed and words have been exchanged I made the decision to continue my career in Norway for the Nordic Hockey Academy. The program made me familier with college hockey what immediatly became my pursuing and current goal.


That was a little bit about me.

 I´m really looking forward to future contacts! 

Raphael Nemeth

#81 for NHA